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Carbon solid

DIAMOND  is a solid form of Carbon. An element with atoms arranged in a crystalline structure.

DIAMONDS can withstand the enormous pressures that are also created in nature. However, they are very fragile against shock pressure, so they are not unbreakable.

SARYF Lab Grown diamonds
SARYF diamonds

Diamonds are the HARDEST NATURAL FABRIC ON EARTH. In fact, diamonds are so hard that the only thing that can scratch a diamond is another diamond.

It will be our pleasure to choose the DIAMOND of dreams for each client.

It is possible to choose a NATURAL diamond or a LAB GROWN diamond.

GIA certificate

You will receive our certificate at

for each diamond ring and for stones over 0.50 ct, an international GIA, EGL, HRD or IGI certificate.

What diamonds do we use?

-Each diamond is very carefully selected and inspected, our goal is to make SARYF jewelry shine on you. Therefore, we choose only diamonds with a color of G,H, clarity SI1 and higher.-



If you are a nature lover, these diamonds will keep our planet healthy.

- No mining -  

For this reason, our planet will be healthier. Mining will leave considerable scars in the landscape.

- Beauty & Quality -

Laboratory diamonds have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as natural diamonds. It's still carbon.


- Price -

Laboratory diamonds are cheaper than natural diamonds.



If you are a lover of classics, this is the right choice.  

- Classic diamond -  

A unique and traditional diamond. It stands out mainly due to its uniqueness.

- Origin -  

We only sell non-conflict diamonds that were created by Mother Nature under great pressure and temperature.

- Investments -  

The best diamonds in the world are commonly used as a quality investment or serve to preserve the value of your finances.

How is the quality of a diamond measured?







We are pleased to help you

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