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What size engagement ring to choose?

Ring sizes range from 41-76 (eu), with the most common sizes of women's engagement rings being 48-49-50-51 (eu). So if you are unsure, we recommend choosing a size in this range. The size of the engagement ring can be adjusted later. Just send us the ring back with a certificate of authenticity and we will customize the ring for you. The first modification is free as part of customer service.

How to determine the correct ring size in general?

To find out the correct ring size, we recommend ordering a plastic measuring tape, which we will send to your address free of charge. Another method is to measure the diameter of the ring from your loved one's jewelry box. If you accurately measure the inner diameter of the ring, we determine the correct size according to the diameter.

How long does the production of rings take?

The production of rings ranges between 4-6 weeks, depending on the complexity. As a private jewelry store, we make every ring and jewelry with due care. A period of 4-6 weeks is therefore required to maintain the quality of our production.

What material should I choose the ring from?

14 carat white gold

  This is a very popular variant, white gold is actually yellow gold with a larger admixture of silver in the alloy, so a white tinge is achieved. Plating is used to achieve a pure white color. This plating is subject to wear and tear, so it is advisable to send us the rings for renovation as part of our services, during which we will return the ring to a clear white color and gloss.

14 carat rose gold

If you want to choose something modern for your partner, we definitely recommend rose gold. This is a very popular color of gold. Also suitable for various combinations of rings and jewelry. It is most suitable in combination with white gold.


14 carat yellow gold

The traditional color of gold reflects a classic that you can't spoil anything. In most jewelry boxes, there are definitely a few other pieces that go well with this color of gold.


The noblest metal for making jewelry. Compared to gold, it is harder, more durable and has a more stable "white" clear color. 

Can I exchange or return rings and jewelry at your place?


If your jewelry is unworn and undamaged, it is possible to exchange the goods within 45 days, or we will refund 100% of the price.

Do I get any guarantee for rings and jewelry?

Our customers can rely on a lifetime warranty on wedding rings. All other types of rings and jewelry are covered by a 2-year warranty. Everything is handmade with an emphasis on the quality of materials and their durability.

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