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How to take care of your jewelry?

The metals we use for our jewelry require care to maintain a high luster.

Our recommendation is to avoid when wearing:


Hot ocean water


Use of lotion

Hair products

Fragrances and other cosmetics

Workout in the gym and  contact sports


Skin oils

Hair sprays

Household chemicals and other substances that can form a coating on your ring and thus disrupt its glitter

Do not expose your jewelry to aggressive chemicals

nahrdelnik , 3,5 mm kameny.png

Do not store your diamond jewelry next to other jewelry, as this could cause scratches and damage. The ideal case is a jewelry case lined with fabric with separate compartments, or a separate box.

Using soft tissue paper / jewelry bags / ziploc bags to store jewelry individually can help extend the life and maintain the shine of your jewelry. Use a soft cotton cloth to restore high gloss.

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